Investor Verification

Get Verified

Regal Eagle Holdings has incorporated an online verification system to identify each and everyone of our Investors. How the process works; click on the button below to start the process. When it is complete you will be redirected to the Regal Eagle home page.

Navigate back to Regal Eagle Holdings and click on the login button, and the create an account button, fill out your details and wait for your account to be activated. When it is complete you will be a Regal Eagle Investor.

Complete Questionnaire

Regal Eagle Holdings invites our prospective investors to take our suitability questionnaire to determine if an investment of this nature is right for your circumstances. 

It will test you basic understand of unlisted investment and inform you of the level of risk and exposure that you will put your finances through. Please take the questionnaire below to complete the Regal Eagle Investor verification process.

Watch the unlisted video below for more details.




Regal Eagle Investors Verification