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Regal Eagle Infrastructure Fund

Regal Eagle welcomes all who have an appetite for calculated risk at returns exceeding current market growth has we are an organisation focused on reaching our strategic objectives internationally.

Invest in: Elay Eyokun, Lagos

EngInC a Regal Eagle subsidiary which is an abbreviation of Engineering Infrastructure, will own and operate a choice development in the epicentre of the tumultuous city of Lagos. It will develop a selection of 3 and 4 bedroom adjoined houses with modern and advanced living in mind.

Invest in: OpenTech

OpenTech a Regal Eagle subsidiary which is an abbreviation of Open Technology, will develop software and hardware product using in the home automation environment.

Invest in: EngAgri

EngAgri a Regal Eagle subsidiary which is an abbreviation of Engineering Agriculture, will develop methods for sustained agricultural output.

Invest in: FrontierEnergy

FrontierEnergy a Regal Eagle subsidiary which is positioning itself as and owner, operator and supply of economic energy to Africa and the world.

Investment Scams


Investment Scams

Some investments many sound and look like legitimate investments but with a deeper inspection can reveal the opposite. Even the most experienced of investors can become victims of investment fraud.